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Now that we've gotten the buzz words out of the way...Natacha focuses on building and growing businesses and brands at the intersection of community, content, and commerce. 

Currently she can be found at Nike, leading the brand's Member Community Strategy, translating three years of in-market pilot insights into a global community value proposition delivering tangible value to Nike members, the brand, and the business, while implementing a cross-functional community-x-content ecosystem to power connected journeys at scale. 

In addition the above, she can be found obsessing Nike's relationships with the landscape of creators - optimizing how the brand can and should optimize for co-creation across paid, owned, and earned channels. 

In 2020, she co-founded BasBlue, a Detroit-based non-profit organization dedicated to providing access, opportunity and economic growth to women and non-binary individuals. Inclusive of a 11,000 square feet of meeting space including a cafe and bar, a diverse community of over 600+ paying members, annual fellowships + scholarships, BasBlue has awarded over $250,000 in grants and funding to local entrepreneurs and the next generation of business leaders.

In 2016, she co-founded Doyenne - a national community of 2,000+ women - hosting dinners, conferences, and educational seminars with leading women around the world from Gloria Steinem, to Patrisse Cullors (Black Live Matter), to Nina Shaw (Times Up), Kara Nortman (Upfront Principal + Angel City Founder), Sunny Hostin (The View), alongside brand partners such as TED (Women), Delta, YouTube, Diageo, and Nike. 

Doyenne was acquired by AllBright in 2018, where she served as the US Vice President. Born out of the UK, AllBright is a collective of physical clubs, a digital community, and a subscription-based content platform, made by and for the working woman. During Natacha's time at AllBright, she led the brand's international expansion opening its first international club in West Hollywood, CA, and growing the team to over forty employees. In addition to managing AllBright's US operations and market launch, she inked strategic in-club partnerships with leading brands, adopted the AllBright Academy for a US audience, launched the AllBright's first retail line, and helped raise the company's largest round of capital totaling $18.8M.


Prior to Doyenne, Natacha worked at CAA, memBrain, and Halston, driving brand strategy, developing campaigns and leading strategic partnerships for Fortune-100 companies such as UBS, Keds, Logitech, Sperry, Hasbro, Intel, McDonald's, and Diageo.


Natacha's writing and work has been featured in The New Yorker, The Hollywood Reporter, Vogue, The New York Times, Huffington Post, Harper's Bazaar, The Financial Times, Billboard, AdWeek and Forbes. 

She values insatiable curiosity and unrelenting honesty, and tends to talk quite fast when she is excited. 

And now that she is done speaking in the third-person, she hopes you will enjoy at some of her past work...

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